This research aims to determine the cause of Thai Government's role on handling the
issues of Rohingya’s asylum seekers, victims of ethnic conflict in Thailand. These problems
arise as a result of the conflict between ethnic Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Moslems
in Myanmar 2012, until eventually the Rohingya moslems fled from Myanmar seeking
asylum to neighboring countries. English school of thought, concept of compliance and
Responsibility to Protect or R2P, is used to explain the basis and forms of Thailand
compliance on the international organizations of the United Nations (UN), as well as
Thailand's responsibility to protect the Rohingya refugees and asylum seekers. The
research method is explanative which used to analyze and explain the various problems of
Rohingya asylum seekers such as the existence of smuggling and trafficking of Rohingya
asylum seekers. Results from this research is the Thai government act in accordance with
the provisions of the United Nations and international law on handling Rohingya’s asylum
seekers, as a form of allegiance to United Nations and also has the responsibility to
provide human right protection for Rohingya refugees. From these findings, the
suggestions that emerged was the Government of Thailand should ratify the 1951
Convention and 1967 Protocol about the international refugee protection, in order for
asylum seekers to gain firm and fair access to the procedure for sanctuary.
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