8. Alasan Uni Emirat Arab Kembali Membantu Koalisi Anti-Isis dalam Misi Balas Dendam Yordania (2014-2015)

ISIS is a terrorist organization created by invasion AS to Irak in 2003. Initially name as
Majelis Syura Mujahidin and then join to AQI and change its name to ISIS. On 4th
September 2016, when NATO held meeting in Wales, AS announce about establishment a
coalition to fight ISIS, called anti-ISIS coalition. 66 countries has joined into that coalition,
include Uni Arab Emirates. UAE gave massive support to coalition as military and
humanitarian helps. 14th Desember 2016, has occurred an accident Jordanian pilot has
burned by ISIS military. Three days after that accident, UAE decide to stop giving assist to
coalition. But on 5th February 2015, UAE return to help the coalition by sent a squadron
jet to Jordania for fight against ISIS. This research purposes to discover why UAE decide
to return into coalition on 5th February. To answer that question, researcher used
neorealist paradigm and qualitative method with explanation type. Collective data who
used by researcher through interview and literature review. The result is there are many
factors which influencing UAE behavior in coalition, that factors comes from intern and
extern, because of UAE national interest, and then another factor to get some extra
domestic security and regional security in Middle East.
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